Stain Removal of Nail Polish
~Pooja Chakrabarty

Stain Removal of Nail Polish: Learning the Basics

For the stain removal of nail polish, your best friend would be nail polish remover. However, nail polish remover may not be completely effective all the time. Residual stains may remain after treatment with nail polish remover. How would you deal with those?

Here you are trying to make your nails look pretty when all of a sudden you manage to pour all the nail polish on your new very expensive outfit. So how do you manage to get the nail polish stains out of it?

Before embarking on the process of the stain removal of nail polish, read the garment-care instructions carefully. You do not want to damage the fabric because of ignorance.

For stain removal of nail polish, nail polish remover (acetone, amyl acetate) should be applied to the underside of the stain. The stained side at this time should be placed on paper towels which will absorb the stain. These towels should keep getting replaced as and when they get too stained. This is done so that the stain does not spread. After this the cloth should be rinsed well and then laundered as usual.

Before embarking on the process of the stain removal of nail polish, read the garment-care instructions carefully

The nail polish could also be flushed out using a dry-cleaning fluid.

Take synthetic fabrics like acetate and modacrylic to the dry-cleaner as acetone will make them dissolve.

After application of acetone or equivalent for the stain removal of nail polish, launder it in the usual way.

Residual stains of nail polish can be removed by the application of a bleach that is permitted as per the garment care instructions. There is no problem in using bleach for white fabrics. However when it comes to colored ones, you would have to do a test for colorfastness. A sodium percarbonate containing sanitizer would be useful for colored fabrics. For fabrics like wool, or silks, you could also use hydrogen peroxide.

Perhaps, after following these tips you will manage to remove those nasty stains from your outfit and make it appear just as lovely as your nails. All the best!

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